Wednesday, 20 May 2015

The New-New IITs

The present central government announced several new IITs and IIMs after coming to power about a year ago. If the recently released IIT-JEE brochure is to be believed, four of the new IITs will start their operations from the coming semester in July/Aug 2015. These are:
IIT Chhattisgarh at Raipur
IIT Goa at Ponda
IIT Palghat
IIT Tirupati

However, I'm unable to find any website for these "new-new" IITs. The decision to start them without any director, faculty, infrastructure, land allocation seems to be a bit bizarre (only IIT Tirupati seems to have been given land); bit of a deja-vu from 7 years back when the then HRD ministry gave orders to start IITs in a similar way. Some of those newly started IITs are still struggling due to these systemic problems and the Indian government has once again refused to learn from the past.

On a personal note, I'm particularly excited about the IIT coming up at Goa. I love that place for its natural beauty, clean air, and relatively free way of life. If IIT Goa gets a good director and a good start, I will be very happy to move there.

EDIT: According to a recent news article in TOI, it seems IIT Goa does not start its operations until next year. A sad development.

Screenshot of the JEE brochure


  1. I think they have conflict of information when it comes to the number of IITs. Please have a look at the 3rd page of the pdf file in the given link

    1. Apparently the JEE brochure isn't a fixed document. The JEE folks keep on updating it without removing the old version from public domain. I have linked to data from version 3 and I think you found version 1 upon your search. Probably this is the cause of confusion.

    2. oh. ok. I am not aware of it !!! Thanks for the clarification :)