Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Patience, my young Padawan, or maybe not!

OK, so the lame Star Wars reference aside; patience seems to be the key thing you need to have in order to maintain the sanity during the long process of faculty application in IITs. It is not uncommon for the departments to receive applications and then forget about them for several months (even years in some cases).

I applied to a few IITs some time back and only two of them (both new) were kind enough to acknowledge the receipt of my application. Out of these two, one of them sent an email after a month or so to proceed with the process on Skype. However, following the advice of 'patience', I thought waiting for the response from others would be the right thing to do. But since IITs are quite infamous for not informing the rejected candidates about the fate of their applications, and I hadn't heard from some places even after 2 months of application, I decided to drop a polite email to the respective HODs. Among all the emails, one old IIT immediately replied saying that my application is good and they would like to have a Skype seminar. (What on earth were they doing with my dossier before my email arrived??) Other IITs didn't even bother to reply to this additional email.

This kind of behaviour leaves prospective applicants in a high state of confusion. What is wrong with keeping the candidate in loop about what's happening with their application? If the departmental committee has reviewed the application and has rejected it, an email response to the candidate is the minimum courtesy one can offer. Maintaining a consistent behaviour, updating all the relevant information on websites, proper communication - they are hallmarks of a professional working environment and are extremely desirable in our "institutes of national importance".

To give credit where it is due:
IIT Guwahati seems to have a very professional recruitment process and openly displays the dates when the last selection committee met and when the next one is expected. IIT Madras is probably another one keeps on updating the candidate about the status of their application through the online portal.

(My apologies if this post looks more like a rant. Like every young person, I sometimes dream of changing and revolutionising the entire system once I'm inside :-) )

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